Propane Heating Equipment & Installations

Winters in Connecticut are often long, cold, and unpredictable. Make sure you have the right heating equipment for your home and family’s comfort.

If propane gas is your heating fuel of choice, you’ll be pleased to know that we at Tower Energy have options for whole-home heating as well as propane space heaters for smaller areas. Utilizing the right gas heating equipment is important for keeping your fuel bills low and your home comfortable throughout the colder months.

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Recommended Propane Boiler Brand

Rinnai Boilers

Rinnai Boiler

Rinnai propane boilers have among the highest efficiency ratings, many exceeding 95%. Wall-hung boilers take very little space, and fit easily into a closet. They are the perfect complement to a slab on grade, or can fit easily into a basement. Best of all, one unit produces both heat and on-demand hot water.

Recommended Propane Space Heater Brands


EmpireEmpire Heating Systems’ Residential Zone Heaters allow you to turn down the central furnace and heat just the rooms you use most. These systems also help you save money because you won’t experience the heat loss that’s common in a long vent run from the central furnace. With an Empire heater, the heat that’s produced in the room gets projected into the room. And, unlike conventional furnaces, most Empire heaters provide heat even when electric power fails. Empire offers a variety of propane-fired direct-vent, B-vent, and vent-free heaters – and the company also manufactures quality gas fireplaces and log sets.

Rinnai BoilerWarm the hard-to-heat areas of your home with ease when you choose Rinnai space heaters. Rinnai gas-fired space heater products are energy efficient, quick to install, and adaptable for any type of room in your home. Choose among five different sizes to find the best fit for your property, then stay warm indoors all winter long.