Air Conditioning Service & Protection Plans

When you enroll in a Tower Energy Air Conditioning Service Plan, you enjoy real peace of mind. You’ll rest easier knowing that your cooling system runs dependably and efficiently during those hot, uncomfortable summer days and nights.


SAVE $50!

When you combine an air conditioning service agreement with a heating service agreement.

Air Conditioning Service Agreements

Whether you are upgrading to a new air conditioning system or maintaining your existing equipment, stay protected! This plan includes services to help extend the life of your system.
Only $179 plus tax
Enroll in Our Service Plan

A/C System

Our cooling service plan features:

  • Our 16-point system tune-up
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • $50 replacement allowance for compressor or condensing units
  • 25% discount on parts and labor not included with the tune-up
  • Priority service on all calls

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Warning for A/C Systems - Upgrades Needed

If you have an older A/C unit that uses R-22 refrigerant, you should begin planning for a system upgrade.

As of 2010, the refrigerant R-22 was discontinued for use in new A/C systems. Its production is being reduced and soon R-22 will no longer be available for your A/C system. Plus, the new R-410A refrigerant is not compatible with older systems.

You have most likely saved hundreds of dollars on your heating bill over the last two winters, due to low fuel prices and mild weather. Reinvest in your home and don’t be caught in a tough situation this summer.
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