Fuel Delivery & HVAC Service in Canton, CT

Canton, CT, homeowners and business owners trust Tower Energy for top-quality fuel at the fairest pricing in the area. Whether you heat with oil or propane, you can count on prompt delivery from professional Tower Energy personnel. You can also count on a number of heating services and air conditioning services, including tune-ups, service plans, and complete equipment installations!

Order Heating Oil or Propane Online

Place your oil or propane order in minutes with our online fuel ordering option. This allows you to order your fuel of choice quickly and conveniently—from anywhere and at any time! Simply create an online account through our website and you will enjoy the perks of managing your heating account at your fingertips.

Save Money on Home Energy in Connecticut

When you choose to heat with oil or propane in Central Connecticut, you’re already making a wise choice for your property and your budget. Here are some other ways to lower your energy costs during the winter months and throughout the seasons.

  • Is it time to upgrade your boiler or furnace? Choosing a new high-efficiency system can reduce fuel costs by as much as 30% for heating oil consumers and 40% for homeowners with propane. Get a quote on new equipment!
  • An oil or gas heating system that runs more efficiently will use less fuel to produce ideal comfort. Scheduling a tune-up for your equipment just once a year can lower your annual fuel costs by 10%.
  • Choose a high-efficiency air conditioning system to stay cool and save money during the summer months. One with a SEER of higher than 16 will be your best bet!
  • For more summertime savings, replace your A/C’s air filter with a clean one once a month or so to lower your system’s energy consumption by as much as 15%.
  • Is your water heater up to date? Since it runs daily throughout the seasons, this important equipment cannot go unnoticed. Have your water heater serviced every so often to achieve higher efficiency and more available hot water.
  • Spend less money on both heating and cooling costs while keeping comfortable by installing a programmable thermostat in your home.

Have a question about saving on energy costs? Want to schedule HVAC service or a new equipment installation? Ready to become a Tower Energy customer?

Pay the Best Daily Price for Fuel

Looking for a low price per gallon for propane or heating oil in Canton, CT? As a Tower Energy customer, you’ll always pay the lowest possible fuel price we can offer. Receive high-quality, clean-burning heating oil or propane at an affordable price, making it easier to heat your home or business and manage your budget each heating season.

Take Control of Your Energy Bills

Choose a payment plan from Tower Energy and make paying your oil or propane bills more manageable than ever before. Whether you opt for a capped price, pre-buy, or fixed price plan, OR our convenient budget plan, you’ll gain peace of mind by adding predictability for the whole heating season.

Get the Best HVAC Service in Canton, CT

From routine maintenance to high-tech equipment installations, Tower Energy has a wide range of HVAC services for your heating and cooling needs. We offer top-quality oil and propane heating system tune-ups, repairs, installations, service plan coverage, emergency service, tank protection, and more. For home cooling services, we offer air conditioning tune-ups, repairs, installations, service plan coverage, and more. Forget the rest; choose the best when you choose Tower Energy!

Trust the Energy Experts

Why Tower Energy? The answer is quality. There are countless reasons to choose a company that knows exactly what is important to Canton, CT, homeowners and business owners. At Tower Energy, our team understands that each customer has a different budget with unique needs and priorities. That’s why we offer so many options, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

As a customer of Tower Energy, you can trust that you’ll always receive customized service from an industry professional. That’s the Tower difference.

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Let us know what you think! We value any and all feedback from our loyal customers. Whether you count on us for fuel delivery, HVAC service, or both, we invite you to share your experience as a Tower Energy customer with others within our service area.

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Have a question about saving on energy costs? Want to schedule HVAC service or a new equipment installation? Ready to become a Tower Energy customer?