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FAQ + Troubleshooting

Tower Energy and Plainville Oil has prepared this special section to help answer some frequently asked questions our staff often receives, and to provide some important troubleshooting information that might keep you from making an unnecessary emergency service call.


  1. WHAT PRICE WILL I PAY FOR OIL? Petroleum products are commodities and are traded in the open market. Much of the price variation depends on other worldly factors including supply, unforeseen natural disasters, and the time of year.  To view today’s fuel price, click here.
  2. WHAT IS AUTOMATIC DELIVERY? We calculate your oil consumption based on your historical usage and the average daily temperature to calculate heating degree days. We use these two factors to estimate your consumption and schedule your delivery. Feel free order your fuel easily and safely online with us.
  3. WHAT IS WILL-CALL DELIVERY? Will call delivery is a delivery of oil that the customer initiates. We recommend that you call 24 to 48 hours before you would like your delivery to be made. Also don’t wait until your tank is empty. Running your tank to empty could cause problems with your heating system. Feel free order your fuel easily and safely online with us
  4. IF I AM A WILL-CALL CUSTOMER, WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE A DELIVERY? The best time to call is when your tank is between ¼ and ½ full. Even on the coldest of days a ¼ tank should last two to three days. We usually only need 24 hours’ notice to make a delivery and to avoid a delivery charge.
  5. DO YOU OFFER SAME DAY DELIVERY? We are happy to accommodate a same day delivery; however we need to charge for this service. The reason for the charge is to cover the cost of re-routing the delivery truck to make the delivery.
  6. WHAT ARE PRICE PROTECTION PLANS? We offer a pre-pay program which allows you to lock in the cost of your heating oil based on the number of gallons you pre-purchase. We usually offer this plan in early spring. We also offer a price cap program which allows you to protect against the price of your heating oil exceeding a certain ceiling.
  7. HOW DO YOU DETERMINE MY BUDGET AMOUNT? We estimate your total usage for the heating season and multiply that by an estimated average price for heating oil and spread that cost over 10 months. The budget payments begin in July and ends in April.
  8. DOES TOWER ENERGY OFFER SERVICE CONTRACTS? Yes! We have three options to choose from – ranging from a basic tune-up to coverage of dozens of heating system parts plus labor. We also offer various supplemental service plans to compliment your base plan.
  9. WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF OIL? Tower Energy is committed to your family’s comfort. We offer full delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.* Click here to order your fuel. PLEASE, be sure to CALL if you need emergency oil. We will be able to respond more quickly (860) 677-7347.
  10. IF I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MY ORDER OR IF I NEED HELP, WHOM DO I CONTACT? You can contact a friendly and knowledgeable Tower Energy customer service representative, in our office, at (860) 677-7347, or contact us online.



What is a heating emergency, anyhow?  Typically, a heating emergency is defined as no heat, no hot water, smoke, serious fuel leaks and dangerous situations.

“I have no heat. Could you please come over? It’s an emergency!”

We receive phone calls like this quite often during the heating season. And before we make what might be an unnecessary emergency service visit, we always advise the customer to follow some simple steps to see if they can get their heating equipment up and running again on their own.


  • Is your emergency switch on?
  • Is there enough oil in your tank?
  • Is the thermostat set above current room temperature?
  • If your thermostat is electronic, are the batteries dead?
  • Press the RELAY RESET button on the relay box located on your heating system. PRESS IT ONCE ONLY.
  • Check the fuse boxes for blown fuses or circuit panel for tripped circuits.
  • Check burner switches – be sure they are in the “on” position – there is one near the burner and usually one at the top of the basement stairs.
  • If you still do not have heat, give us a call at (860) 677-7347 and we’ll take care of the problem! We’re available 24/7/365 to restore your comfort, thanks to our prompt emergency service.